Nobody plans for a fight with cancer.  It comes in good times and hard.  Bailey's Foundation is there to provide financial support when families need it most.  Helping them focus on staying in the fight.

I'm gonna be fighting this stupid cancer until I'm 85.


Fighting cancer isn't a battle adults want to take on.  Imagine not even getting through your youth before being challenged with the fight of your life.  Bailey's Foundation works hard to give kids an opportunity to experience things they enjoy; to ease the burden of their fight, and enjoy being a kid.




August 16, 2005 - January 24, 2014


February 2014

September 2008

Bailey's Fight​

Against seemingly impossible odds, Bailey went into remission.


January 2014

June 2007 

​Bailey's Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization.  Our mission: Provide, hope, help and support to local families with a child fighting cancer.


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Nichole Polen

Founder & President

Bailey's Neuroblastoma returns.  Her fight wasn't over.  Bailey embraced the idea to 'never give up'. Bailey and her mom readied themselves to fight cancer all over again. 

February 2012

emotional support

Not only can a battle with childhood cancer be financially straining, it is emotionally draining.  Founded by a mother who knows this experience first hand, Bailey's Foundation provides emotional guidance and support to families when they need it.

22 months into her life, Bailey was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  She was given a 27% chance of survival.  Bailey and her mom began the fight of their lives.

After seven long years of fighting cancer off and on.  Bailey's battle with Neuroblastoma came to an end.  Bailey's mom was determined to continue the fight against childhood cancer by becoming a base of support for other families fighting children's cancer. ​

Nichole is Bailey's mother.  After Bailey lost her fight with Neuroblastoma, Nichole decided the best way to memorialize Bailey's memory was to start a foundation that focused on Bailey's loving, caring, giving, and courageous spirit.  Today, Bailey's foundation has helped many local KC metro families with a child fighting cancer.  We continue to provide support to those still in thr fight.