For Emery's 3rd birthday, the members of Bailey's Foundation wanted to give her the most glamorous birthday possible.  Target is Emery's favorite store.  Our members reached out to the Smith's local Target in Belton, MO.  The management and staff of Belton's Target were eager to help in any way they could.  

Frozen was one of Emery's favorite movies.  So, in order to giver her a party fit for an honorary Frozen Princess, Anna and Elsa picked up at her home in a white limousine donated and driven by KC Outrageous BBQ.  The driver drove around while Bailey's Foundation, Target staff, and Emery's family set up at the store awaiting the guest of honor's arrival.

Upon Princess Emery's arrival, a white carpet laced with rose petals lined her path to her favorite store.  Inside Frozen's soundtrack played as Emery, escorted by her fellow Princesses and her mom, Jenna, went on a shopping spree provided by Bailey's Foundation.  After shopping, it was time for her birthday cake.  NS Custom Cakes donated a remarkable Elsa cake that awaited the guest of honor in the store's cafeteria that they [Target] had decorated in a Disney Frozen theme with more gifts waiting for her.

We had no idea at the time that we would be celebrating Emery's last birthday.  Her battle with Neuroblastoma came to an end on December 2nd, 2017.  Emery, her courageous fight, and her contagious smile will forever live in our hearts.   


A Birthday Fit for a Princess